Please submit the following:

  • Manuscript in pdf., doc., docx., or rtf.
  • Brief cover letter describing your aesthetic
  • Bio with most recent publications
For more info, click on open submissions.

Ends in 3 days, 2 hours $4.00

Mason Jar Press' specializes in handmade, limited edition chapbooks and full-length publications by established and emerging writers. If you have enjoy strong, straight-forward poetry and prose that's just a little off, then send it our way.

We're open to many genres, though we tend to lean to semi-experimental literary styles. We'll read whatever you have, be it fiction, poetry, non-fiction, high fantasy, rehab memoir, poetry cycles about poetry cycles,  just make sure it’s dynamite. Again, we tend to prefer work that pushes the bounds of literary norms, but that isn’t to say we only like that. We welcome surprise. 

Submit your full-length or chapbook–length manuscript here. We’ll read it, and if we love it, we’ll publish it. That’s how it works. If we don't, we'll try to offer suggestions, but we can't promise that.

Introduce yourself and talk about your aesthetic. Do not tell us about the manuscript; we’ll be reading that.  

We are especially excited to consider a diversity of voices. 

Reading Fee: $4

Payment: We do pay our writers. If we get to that stage, we’ll have discussions, meetings and contracts. Have no fear.