Please submit the following:

  • Manuscript in pdf., doc., docx., or rtf.
  • Brief cover letter describing your aesthetic
  • Bio with most recent publications

We will be open for Novella Chapbook subs on June 1. Get your fire ready!

Novellas. Every writer has them. Few can find a home for them. Who wants to publish a novella?

Mason Jar does. That's that's the answer. Mason Jar Press wants to see your novellas. 

We want your hard-to-place, hard-to-define piece of longform prose. We want to make zines from it. Beautiful, short-run masterworks of awkward, challenging, salient prose. Do you have a traditional murder mystery or story about a sad white suburban dude? We might read that, but we probably aren't going to publish it. Unless it's like really good. Like I've-never-seen-a-murder-mystery-about-a-sad-white-suburban-dude-and-I-need-this-in-my-life-like-fish-need-water kind of good.

What we're more into is stuff that's a little off. We like writing that challenges the model. That's an easier sell for us. Check out what we've published in the past to judge if we're a good home for your work (and maybe buy a copy?). 

We'll choose 1-4 novellas from these open submissions to be published in 2019 & 2020. Payment will be 20 contributor copies + 25% of profit. 

Send us your gold in standard manuscript format. Send us fiction only please. Google around if you're not sure if your piece fits the specs for a novella. Keep in mind word count minimums and maximums are always fuzzy. Send us your work through Submittable. We do charge a nominal fee that goes to our website and Submittable account. If the fee is burdensome, email us. We're almost always willing to work something out. 

Submissions open on June 1 and close August 31. Fee will be $5 per submission OR free with purchase of any MJP book. Please submit only once, in standard manuscript format. 

Mason Jar Press